A world famous decelerator specialty company which initiated working for US Navy in 1916.

Durability of equipment being a mandatory element at the world canals which must depend upon engine power, Falk has been writing the records again on the life extension of the marine propulsion system for the period to nearer the past 100 years.

From Heavy equipment gear sets and clutches, life-long bearings, reduced designs and housing structures, etc., where its own technologies are grafted, Falk Marine Drive has become to establish solutions trustworthy on the sea.

Because of the reasons described above, many vessel manufacturers or ship owners as well as engineers request Falk Marine Drives and Clutches.

Falk MRH Series

  • Sizes up to 7500 hp
  • Ratios from 2:1 to 7.5:1
  • Internal hydraulic clutches
    Internal hydraulic shaft brakes
  • Surface-hardened, carburized and ground gearing
  • Configure vertically, horizontally or concertrically offset between the input and output shafts
  • Exclusive continuous-slip speed control and Engine Torque-up System available