BAKER HUGHES is the world’s first and sole fullstream company.

Lufkin is a world-wide leader in the field of customized parallel gear application,
Allen gears is a industrial leader of high performance planetary gear.
BHGE was established designing gear solution to meet customers’ unique project specification.

PT Driving Critical Equipment in Critical Industries

Lufkin and Allen Gears
– Broad Marine industry fit and Experience

  • Tugs / Workboats Propulsion
    Fire pumps
  • Offshore O&G Propulsion
    Fire pumps
  • Cruise/FerriesPropulsion
  • Dredging Propulsion
    Dredge pumps
  • FPSO/Drill ships Compressors
    Fire pumps
    GT generators
  • Fishing Propulsion
  • Military Propulsion
  • Rigs Jacking System
    Fire pumps
  • Cargo vessels / Inland Water Propulsion

Specialist OEM for Marine Transmissions

Lufkin Differentiators and Advantages :

  • Lufkin specializes in custom engineered marine drives to exact requirements
  • Lufkin designs to AGMA and API ratings, alternatively to ISO 6336 standards
  • Proven reliability for critical propulsion solutions
  • Robust quality for low life cycle costs and long life
  • Hydraulic clutches mounted externally for easy accessibility
  • Heavy duty construction to last the life of the vessel
  • Lufkin custom design for drop-in replacements
– Over 2000 Lufkin gearboxes supplied

Allen Gears Differentiators and Advantages :

  • AG focus on military market and high-end yachts
  • Unparalled Epicyclic gearbox designs and Parallel shaft designs to the highest military standards
  • Gearboxes supplied for European, American and Asian Navies
  • Meeting strict navy requirements for noise and vibration
  • Weight critical: Aluminum casings, Electron Beam Welding
  • Including gas turbine, diesel engine or combination drives: – CODOG, CODAG, CODOD, CODAD, CODLOG
– Over 2000 Lufkin gearboxes supplied