스카니아이미지The Scania engine is at the center of transport and industry all over the world.It is natural that many companies investigate to the outstanding technology of Scania that pursues quality, durability, reliability, operational economy.

Safety, durability, reliability
Unique modular engine range of Scania delivers reliable performance in challenging environments and maximizes uptime.
Excellent fuel efficiency
Every site with very strict requirements for quarries, hospitals, and marine has both strong power and very low fuel consumption.
Module type Engine
The same parts make it easier for one technician not only to perform maintenance but also to provide parts. Knowing one engine makes it easy to identify all engines
Best management
Scania EMS controls from fuel injection to exhaust post-processing.
Providing advanced diagnostic function & recording data for subsequent analysis.
Powerful Crushed Stone Performance
Scania Engine provides motive power to crushed stone machine of quarry around Stockholm without any trouble.


  • Scania Product Handbook table of contents
    – Marine Genset
    – Marine Emergency Genset
    – Stationary Genset
    – Stationary Engine Download