GE is originated from Thomas Edison the king of invention in 1878. GE is company which has been progressing constantly with breakthrough innovation and the principal of integrity for…

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BAKER HUGHES is the world’s first and sole fullstream company. Lufkin is a world-wide leader in the field of customized parallel gear application, Allen gears is a industrial leader…

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PPN is the Brand name of genset, developed by our own name of yusinHR. We’ll provide better quality products at a better price, making your customers more satisfied. Best…

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Humility and Honesty toward ourselves
Sincerity and Responsibility toward customers
It is yusinHR’s precious value.

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We have the attitude of mind that we have kept until now since opened a small shop

First and now, even in the future
Easy work or hard work
Small company or big one
Contractor or supplier, to all
We have steadfast, constant attitude and gratitude
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The Scania engine is at the center of transport and industry all over the world. 

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Marelli Motori is a leading designer and manufacturer of generators and electric motors since its foundation in 1891.

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yusinHR provides accurate genuine parts with honest price as Donaldson dealer

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For Marine

Provide high efficiency, compact generator combined diesel engine to meet various environmental regulations and international class and Alternator.

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For stationary

Provide various stationary generators of building emergency generator, generator for equipment, silent type generator.

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Applied to stationary generator of construction site, apartment, factory, rental generator, industrial equipment and various vessel in kinds of governmental vessel, passenger ships, the tugboat, carrying vessel, fish detective vessel, LNG barge, Tanker.

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where is Biskra?

Where is Biskra? Africa…! There are GE engines in Biskra and our engineers are working professional repairing here… even during...

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Designated as an enterpries for foster talented persons

  Our company has been designated as an enterpries for foster talented persons of medium and small size venture enterpries...

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Kkondae, The young vs Engineer

  The original meaning of “Engine” is a creative and exquisite device. This word originated from “Ingenium” in Latin means...

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